Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Welcome from the Harvard American Bilingual School
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to the Harvard American Bilingual School (HABS). We are extremely proud to be part of HABS and have opportunity to highlight our fantastic work, which is taking place across the primary phases.
Our commitment to provide an enriching and scholastically challenging education coupled with a strong spiritual foundation for all children, regardless of their social and economic status, sets it apart from other schools. Our unique educational model unveils, develops, and nurtures each student in a safe, caring environment. We value each child. We mentor and guide each one to achieve his or her highest potential.
We have experienced firsthand the life-changing difference that a strong spiritual foundation and a rigorous education in a devoted and loving environment can make in the lives of our extraordinary children. We are struck by their personal courage and strength. We feel HABS will bring real academic benefits to children and young people in our schools. At HABS we are committed to developing partnerships both nationally and internationally to enhance our provision and to gain recognition for our outstanding work.
We are dedicated to focus on school improvement, staff development, and enabling our young people to excel. Secondly, we support our school in the nurturing of the distinctive ethos, which contributes so powerfully to the development of our pupils as rounded and balanced young people poised to make a positive contribution to society.
Thank you to all our parents for your help and support in making HABS such a big success.
DrMeshal (Chairperson)
On behalf of the Board of Directors