Elementary School

Harvard American Bilingual School offers an elementary program based on an American curriculum. Our Elementary School includes grades 1 through 5. Our elementary program provides a firm foundation in the core curriculum areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The core curriculum is administered using American textbooks and resources, and is designed to smoothly transition our students into the Middle School.

The Elementary School provides a warm and caring atmosphere where students collaborate constructively, think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively. Class teachers teach the core subjects (English, Science, Math, and Social Studies), while specialist teachers teach the Arabic, Islamic, Arabic Social Studies, Computer, Art, and Physical Education (swimming). The Arabic subjects are taught as per the Kuwait Ministry of Education guidelines.

Teachers carefully track the individual progress of the children, both social and academic.  Students are encouraged to think for themselves and become independent learners. Students are assessed through continuous assessment (quizzes and tests) against the benchmarks set out in our American curriculum.